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Press Release

The Center for Sales Performance Acquires Kahle Way Inc.'s Sales Resource Center Website and Immersion Sales Training Programs

Toronto, January 15, 2024 — The Center for Sales Performance, a leader in innovative sales solutions, is excited to announce the acquisition of Kahle Way Inc.'s Sales Resource Center website and Immersion Sales Training Programs. This strategic move will enhance our commitment to delivering unparalleled sales training and resources to businesses worldwide, starting January 1, 2024.

About the Center for Sales Performance:
The Center for Sales Performance is a provider of innovative sales training and performance solutions. With a commitment to continuous improvement the Center for Sales Performance remains at the forefront of the sales training industry.

About Kahle Way Sales Systems:
Kahle Way Sales Systems is a respected name in sales training, known for its proven methodologies and industry-leading training. The strategic alliance with the Center for Sales Performance reflects Kahle Way Inc.'s dedication to evolving and enhancing the delivery of Christian-based professional development solutions.

We are also pleased to announce that Dave Kahle has joined our advisory board. Dave is one of the world's most respected Sales Training Experts today.

Key Highlights:

Strategic Alliance: The Center for Sales Performance and Kahle Way Sales Systems will maintain a strategic alliance, capitalizing on the strengths of both entities to continue delivering unparalleled value to Customers.

Quote from Richard Nelson:
"We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of The Kahle Way Sales System's, Sales Resource Center and Immersion Sales Training Programs. As Dave Kahle is a giant in the sales training space we are pleased to have him part of our Advisory Board".


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