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Why would an actress want to be a trainer for a sales company?

You can make a significant amount of money by working only a few days per month. Imagine not having to work a full-time job to support your love of acting?

That would give you a consistent source of money and more free time to pursue your passion. It is also a great assurance for a career ready-made if your acting fails to reach the heights you would like. It could be a stepping stone or a foundation for your future.

Why would a company that does sales training have an interest in actors?

First, using Mandy was a test for us to find talent (and we are learning as we go with it).

To be completely transparent with you. You can sense and we know that this is not a usual project and audition situation. So I don't want any surprises for you.

Our customers are generally untrained sales professionals who need strategy and skill. Their job is to form relationships with customers. Next step is to establish trust and show that they believe in their product or service. Finally, they communicate with excellence as they help buyers make decisions.

To me, that sounds very much like acting. First, you form a relationship with your audience. Then you establish belief and trust in your character. Finally, you need to be an expert communicator.
Our intent in the GTA is proving our programs to be used by a larger network of trainers.

Here is how the business relationship would work:
1. The nature of the relationship would be that we would outsource (subcontract) our trainers.
2. Your starting rate would be $800 per day.
3. For quality, we need you to "learn" our content, our process, and the classroom format.
a. You will be licensed to use our Intellectual Property.
b. You could branch off any time you would like in the future to run your own agency with a slightly different License. We would support your growth over the long term.
c. The basic training takes 3 days.
d. You will learn skills that will be very useful in your acting career as well.

There is a small investment for you, but you in fact, earn it back on the first engagement. As you would do with acting workshops, there is a fee involved in taking our training. The fee is less than we charge clients. If you complete the three days, you will be considered part of our training associates. 

To be a good sales trainer also requires the ability to tell relevant stories. If you have had sales experience you will be a better trainer.

For every Workshop Leader we need 2 Brand Ambassadors (our form of sales representatives) to complete a team.

Brand Ambassadors can earn more than Workshop Leaders if they practice and are bold.  This pathway could be a perfect one to lead you into a Workshop Leader Role.

If after this, you want to do an interview with Richard;

He will do it using Zoom meeting online to save you on travel time. With Zoom you just use a laptop. We can talk to each other and we can also view websites or other information too.

To book a time, please do so as quickly as possible. Our seating in the training is limited and a sense of “do it now” speaks volumes.

Please pick a time to the right that is convenient for you.

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