Advisory Team

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Meghana Sunny

Meghana is an accomplished entrepreneur having been part of many new business start-ups. She is a Sales Management specialist and occasionally leads a Performance Consortium Group.


Julienne Riviere 

Julienne is a specialist in business management; strategy, marketing and sales, managing people, finance, leadership, and communications. She is currently in our New Business Development department.


Oleksandra Vlasiuk

Oleksandra is our resident omnichannel and multichannel marketing specialist. Her hashtags will tell you all you need to know. #prospecting, #outboundsales, #emailmarketing, #leadgeneration, and #salesautomation


C. E. Cadore

Charmaine is a career entrepreneur. Her strength lies in being a process specialist in administration. Charmaine is most often found behind the scenes.


Ana Bustamante

Ana is a Website Developer and also a UX and Graphic Designer. She plans, creates, and codes web pages using her skills and experience to produce websites that convey professionalism and style.


Erica Olson

Erica is our official event planner and travel agent. Owner of, Erica handles all travel requirements for our team, and our program participants. She also arranges groups and conferences as well.


Scott Forbes

Scott has been in the HR field for over 25 years working in operations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Europe. He is a specialist in international employment and labor relations


Chris Nye

Chris has over twenty years of Real Estate and Insurance experience. He is an advisor to our customers from both industries. He is highly regarded as a trusted professional.


Richard Nelson

Richard is a co-founder of the Center. His favorite role is leading the Research and Development Team.

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