Brand Ambassador Training
4 Webinars once weekly
Brand Ambassador Live Training
1 Day Workshop
Provided as a Regional Event

The Opportunity

Many Certified Sales Professionals would like to hire a trained Brand ambassador.

The Brand ambassador's role is to meet and initiate relationships with potential buyers in the business marketplace. They learn about the customer's sales team, issues, and opportunities.

Finally, they tell our story and offer a pre-set solution. The solution is sent by a digital proposal from the Sales Trainer.

Here are some examples:

A) Brand ambassador visits Car Dealerships and discusses the performance of their New Car and Pre-owned Car team's performance.

B) Brand ambassador visits Real Estate Broker's offices and discusses our difference from anything else they have done to activate their struggling agents.

Brand ambassadors would be paid about 3 times the normal rate. It is a commission-based plan which is why the rate is much higher.

Even better opportunities.

  1. Brand ambassadors could be promoted to lead a small team of others.
  2. You could also progress and become certified and trained as Certified Sales Professionals. You can then have Brand Ambassadors work for you while you lead the workshops. Certified Sales Professionals earn $2500 + per day.
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