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Digital Marketers Regular Rate $197.00 per month

How many new clients would you need to break even on $17 per month? If you achieve just one additional client in the next 12 months you would be making money. Our goal for you is much higher than that.

Here is what you get as a member:

  1. We will send our site visitors to you when they use our geolocation feature when they are looking for Digital Marketing Services.
  2. Listing As a Digital Marketing Specialist in our Sales Pro Locator.
  3. Access to our Monthly Webinar on Business Growth.
  4. You can also submit your articles, for publishing - once per month.
  5. We will offer you tools, training and an expansion model for your digital business to include more services and technology for you to provide your customers.
  6. We can do promotional webinars together depending on audience target 1 or 2 per year

Digital Marketer Membership FAQ’s

 Why is the price so low?

It is our launch pricing and we are looking to build momentum in the market. It is limited to only the first 25 Digital Marketing members. We will always be committed to seeing our members get a massive Return on Investment. How many new clients would you need to get a return on an investment, that is this small? (likely less than one)

Your name is Center for Sales Performance. Why would a marketing service want to be listed with you?

Our goal is to provide resources to our sales executive site visitors. We believe that sales revenue is primarily a function of two things.

1) Opportunity demand and 2) Opportunity Conversion.The ability to create demand has a far more profound impact on revenue than Opportunity Conversion. In short, our site visitors need you.

What does the 24-month launch pricing guarantee mean?

The normal membership monthly Digital Marketing monthly fee is $197 currently. It may increase in a year from now. The very low launch price gives us both a chance to learn about each other and to experience a relationship together. And, those who register with us now will be rewarded with a full year of service at the low cost. The price for you is frozen for that period regardless of our increases in fees.

What else do you offer?

Through our Certified Sales Professional program, your marketing firm could add the other side of the equation. By teaching your clients how to convert opportunity to sales – you would have both sides of the potential client needs covered.

In addition, we are big believers in the technology. Our own suite of marketing tools might be a perfect way to run your agency more efficiently.

We can also supply you with contact data that you can use for your own growth or for your client's needs. (we have over 400 million executives worldwide).

When it comes to Artificial intelligence, Marketing Automation, and Communication tools we have some of the best applications that you can use or resell.

Do we need your services?

Yes, we may. Our demand for service is increasing every month. We need to increase our capacity.

We are looking for a tight and seamless set of services to offer our customers (licensees with the Center For Sales Performance). As we require support services to work with our tools and assist our customers, we will always reach out to a member to assist rather than hire an unknown.

Since we are unable to predict our demand yet, we can't promise you what we will need.  We do expect to have a need for the full spectrum of marketing services.

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