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Due to the relentless acceleration of technology, the marketplace is always in a state of rapid change. We are nimble and quick to adapt. Our goal is to be in front of changing conditions for you.

We bring you the best in Sales Training and Sales Management Training programs. Here are our own developments to make B2B selling faster and easier!

The Sales Performance Club

Welcome to the most thrilling sales club where passion meets performance! Enjoy two dynamic webinars each month, led by the world's most captivating sales trainers. But that's not all – after each session, you can vote for the standout trainer. Join us in shaping the future of sales excellence. Elevate your skills with the most exciting sales club – where every webinar is an unforgettable journey to success!
Visit our online store for this years lowest membership pricing.


Video for sales, that scales

Book more meetings, close more deals, and accelerate the sales cycle with Sendspark. Send emails with your video message. They can be one-to-one or to your campaign target list. You can use this on LinkedIn or via email.

Imagine sending a personalized Video message to hundreds of your prospects as fast as a single email. Get noticed with The Prospecting Hub Video Tool offered in partnership with Sendspark.

Keep Your Sales Pipeline Full

We identified a significant problem in the Lead Generation and Conversion of Leads to Prospects workflow. Many companies do not provide the resources to enable their marketing and sales teams to perform.

So we solved it for you. The solution is our spectacular new platform called The Prospecting Hub.

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Where sales and management brilliance collide! Meet our guru, Dave Kahle, the architect of a genius learning method that's more Beyoncé than your average training.

Immerse yourself in programs so magical, they turn sales enthusiasts into sorcerers and management into leadership maestros. These Immersion programs are the unicorns of training—unique, awe-inspiring, and downright legendary.

Why settle for ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Our Immersion programs are the expressway to success. Your sales prowess and management wizardry await—let the transformation commence! Visit the store now.


Post Cards Get You Remembered

Send out hundreds or thousands of personalized postcards. Warm your prospects up with a smile and a memorable introduction.

Our system can be stand-alone or part of a multichannel campaign, including email and LinkedIn.

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