Our Research and Development Function

We continue ongoing R&D efforts. Our primary objective is to develop sales training and coaching workshops (stand alone or series). Due to the relentless acceleration of technology, the market place is always in a state of change.

Our membership trainers and coaches are leaders as third party experts assisting their clients to adapt.

We also develop powerful and innovative promotion methods. These are used by our professional members to both grow their own business and to utilize these methods to assist their clients with growth objectives.

Occasionally will will assist companies to use our strategies (when no partner is available to provide the service).

Finally, we invest substantial time in identifying and ranking leading sales and marketing applications and platforms that can pay big dividends. This effort saves our members and their clients a lot of time and aids with the strategic challenge of keeping up with technology.

Marketing, leadership, brainstorming.

Performance Consortium

Our Performance Consortium concept is a group of companies who pool resources and share vital services for growth and profit.

Our executive leaders want more free time, to keep pace with technology, to attract and retain talent. 

The Consortium Groups are exclusive. This is a membership program for leaders who want more!

More Time, More Profit, Better Talent, Keep Pace With Technology.


The Performance Method

The problem with training, coaching and information products is a failure of the client to implement the new ideas or skills.

To respond to this "implementation problem" we have done extensive research. After all, for virtually the entire training and coaching industry, it has been to date... unsolvable.

We are thrilled to announce that we have released "The Performance Method". Taught via Webinar, Live or e_Learning.


Marketing, leadership, brainstorming.

Performance Marketing

For Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB) Marketing (promotion) is really about lead generation.

Our promotion methods are built on 4 principles:

  1. High Probability of Success
  2. Low Risk
  3. Low Cost
  4. Scalability

This is such an important topic (it often means the difference between succeeding or perishing), let's set up a discovery meeting.


Sales Process and Sales Methods

We have discovered that if you change a person or a team in how they work, the gains can be spectacular vs. training alone.

Our mission is to equip Sales Coaches and Trainers with the best systems and methods. Our programs are designed for the current marketplace and this unique time.

Technology is changing so rapidly we want to see everyone we touch, successfully adapt and to thrive!

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